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Sir Pelham Grenville Wodehouse 1881-1975

From his debut at the turn of the last century, he published over 100 books, written or taken part in the production of sixteen plays, about 300 Operetta and musical songs (28 musicals) and other verses and been involved in scripts for six movies during his time in Hollywood. In total, he wrote over 300 short stories, many of which were published in book form. In addition, a variety of articles and stories. Welcome to our pages and come back often.

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The society's aim is to stimulate interest in P G Wodehouse through an informative website and Yearbook Jeeves. In addition to the annual meeting with entertainment, usually towards the end of the month of March, we also arrange an annual autumn dinner, also with entertainment, and sometimes additional gatherings.


  • The Scone in Scania is one of our Chapter, a group that meets a few times a year as a supplement to the joint activities of the party.

  • The Goats i Västra Götaland/Bohuslän och i vårt kapitel ses vi minst två gånger per år; första helgen i mars och första helgen i september.

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