Year 2018 Plum – Bear B

For many years of exemplary efforts by the society deeply appreciated magazine JEEVES, and for its strong commitment to the work of the Board and the Society's survival, the Board of Wodehousesällskapet decided that the Society of the Year prize in 2018 Plums should be assigned Bjorn Bergstrom.

This year's Swedish Plums are Wodehousesällskapets special honor, which each year is awarded to a member of the Society who have made valuable contributions to Wodehouse in Sweden. This year the choice was obvious – Björn Bergström, member since 1993 and since 2009 the editor of the estimated member magazine JEEVES, have a united board awarded the prize. We had a brief chat with the digital laureate.

Classic sports question: how does it feel to win the prize?

I feel honored, I am in very good company.

How did you first contact the Wodehouse?

I was 11 years old, was sick and was bored and had read out my Biggles and Bill Books. Then my mother put Three men in a Boat in the hands of me, and from there it was a short step to Wodehouse. The bookshelves were among others Pengar till skänks, A shy young man in hot water and Allright, JeevesBooks that I've read several times since then. However, I was never particularly fond of his school books. In high school, I began to read him in English and has continued with it. Now I have almost all English, half in the first edition and many Swedish. If even one in German, Nimrods Tochter,(Sam the Sudden).

So why should one read Wodehouse?

Everyone should read Wodehouse for the clever intrigues with its many side-tracked towards the goal even though we are already well into the first chapter knows how it will end. Everyone should read Wodehouse for the dot secure personal descriptions and everyone should read Wodehouse for the amazing language processing.

For a long interview with Bjorn Bergstrom recommended this year by Jeeves – of members in mid-December.


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