Notice of Annual Meeting 2020

WodehouseSällskapet Sweden


Members of WodehouseSällskapet Sweden to the Annual
Annual meeting Saturday, March 21, 2020 at. 13:00 to 15:00.

Location: Department of Business Administration, Kammakargatan 10, Stockholm.

At the annual meeting served food in the form of a fine gangway with drink, price of 150 SEK including
local charge.
Sign the participation by contributions to the Society giro 29 94 63-0
Anmälam must be in by 15 March 2020, preferably before the planning reasons.

At the meeting dealt with according to the statutes:
Election of the chairman, the secretary and the minutes of the meeting.
The annual report 2019 Treasurer's Report and Auditor's Report.
The question of liability for the Board.
Election of a chairman for the next fiscal year & at least four and a maximum of ten members.
Election of auditor and resolution on the annual fee.
Any motions from members sent at least 10 days before.

Some other important issues such as the annual meeting to discuss and decide:

• Wodehousesamlingen in Singapore is discontinued and the Swedish part moved to Kulturhuset
Menu. New agreement on this, and decisions on the English collection's fate. What should be done
with it? Maintained? If so, where? Feature?
• WodehouseSällskapets future: Member development last year and the relationship
the Society's activities. What should be done to stabilize and any increase sällska-
pets membership?
• Motion arranging items in the Stockholm region in the form of chapter operations. Content?
Suggested names: "Wodehouse Friends in Mälardalen" who had a first meeting in Uppsala.
Purpose - Content?

Chairman John Pettersson
Secretary Bengt Malmberg