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We know about 98 different publications of short stories / essays in the Swedish press, as well as five novels published as serials.

The earliest known publication is a short story in the aller already in 1912, IE. 8 years earlier than the first book.
The originals of the translations are often drawn from American and English magazines.

Many translations were very early, and were sometimes even earlier than the original came in the British press, and often long before the originals were printed in English books.

A compilation of all known publications in Swedish press can be found on the website:
Link: www.wodehousebibliografier.n.nu/tidskrifter

A compilation of all the short stories which have been translated into Swedish, visit the website:
Link: www.wodehousebibliografier.n.nu/noveller-pa-Swedish

An account of the project to search for Wodehous in the Swedish press, see article (in search of forgotten plums) on the website:
Link: http://wodehouseforskning.weebly.com/artiklar