To make a regional collaboration easier, we in the Gothenburg region created a “Chapter”.

The Goats

in Västra Götaland/Bohuslän
Our catchment area is about Västra Götaland and Bohuslän and in our chapter we meet at least twice a year; the first weekend in March and the first weekend in September.
In the winter we meet indoors in a suitable location and in the summer, we try to make an outing somewhere.

Our ambition is to have close contact with other chapters and to keep the Board informed of what is happening on the West Coast.

We meet in the light hearted Wodehouse spirit, spending time together in good company deepening our Plum knowledge in a fun and useful way.

Goats Address

Jenny Gustafsson
Stavhopparegatan 4a
416 59 Göteborg
Tel. 46 704-19 90 75

“The East Enders and the Oaks”

“We would like to encourage more chapters!
Stefan Nilsson has done some experiments with a chapter for the East Coast, the East Enders! Please contact the President, and he will put you in touch with Stefan Nilsson in Linköping!
The same goes for the Oaks, in other words a chapter for Stockholm-Mälardalen! The Oaks have met at times in the English Bookshop in Stockholm and have every opportunity to attract interesting gatherings there or elsewhere! Get in touch with the President, and he will put you in touch with Björn Bergström in Västerås!”