Result in Uppsala on August 20

“I was full up years ago”

These words exclaimed Bertie Wooster at a time when Jeeves mentioned something about
research and boklig formation.
Nonetheless inbjudes Society members and other interested
to City Lessons – Uppsala

Saturday 20 August

13. 00 Lunch on
Churchill Arms – Sankt olofsgatan 28

KL. 14:30 tour, alt.
guided tour of Uppsala Cathedral

17:00 Closing
of the day on The English Bookshop –
Svarbäcksgatan 19 (corner St. olofsgatan).

We take afternoon tea/coffee and get some information from the bookstore if
editions, etc. of Wodehouselitteratur. We may also get a “dramatically”
made by any Member!
Brief information about WodehouseSällskapet.

It is of course good to come and just be with isolated points
during the day. When it comes to lunch, it is important that we will shortly
before 23:00. 13 because it did not have reservations but it gets “first
arrived – first served”. Churchill Arms is known for its Fish & Chips.
Nor can we get to The English Bookshop earlier in the
day – the closes at. 17 and then offered the place for us.

Registration for the day – or parts of the day – can be made to the undersigned
antingen via mail: alt. per telefon/SMS
070-516 02 34.
Grateful for the notification no later than 15 August.

Philip Wady 2016-05-24