The residue of a Gentlemans Gentleman

The Nobel Prize in Literature was awarded in 2017 Kazuo Ishiguro for among others "Remains of the Day". Where
He describes in detail the English aristocracy oinskränta demands for valets (betjänts)
loyalty and dignity.
The author tries here in their own way to compare Ishiguro`s Stephens with the dignity
PG Wodehouse’s Jeeves representerar.

A slim man in his best years were with worthy but still springy step along the Berkeley Square. He turned onto Charles Street. Oncoming walkers took the well-dressed man of a nobleman on his way to one of his clubs. Above The Junior Ganymede Club, he stopped. Expectant he opened the door. On the wall in the foyer was a bulletin that said that "The Private Bar" was on the third floor and it was only open for butlers, valets and Gentlemen's Gentlemen.
Three floors up he was received by the bar's Butler, Mr. Purvis, who dealt with the registration of all visitors
– Welcome Mr. Jeeves, greeted Mr. Purvis, after writing the name and title of the guestbook. As a butler, you are welcome to take a seat at the lower tables to the right of the bar.
While he waited for his gin & tonic at the bar caught his eye by a comparatively on the wall: Dignity is our hallmark. This motto was signed by the words Society Hayes Societey, whose members were recruited from the elite of the country Gentlemen's Gentlemen.
Jeeves felt quite among the worthy gentlemen. He listened curiously as prominent valets told of their principals. Some of their stories were entered in a thick book with thumbed leather binders.
– Mr. Jeeves, you are also welcome to make contributions to our Book of Revelation. But remember that our rules are very strict. None of the content may be disseminated outside our walls,
explained Purvis.
Jeeves noted grateful to the bar offered a plurality of newspapers and library Headset harbored a full edition of the Encyclopedia Britannica.

One evening there was considerable congestion around the main table.
– We have had a visit from Mr. Lane again, told Purvis. It is always lively discussions long after he is gone. Please read what the Hayes Society writes about him in the latest issue of their magazine "A Quarterly for the Gentlemen's Gentlemen". Mr. Lane is one of their most prominent members.
Jeeves found the article very worthwhile. It aroused his interest in becoming a member of the words party.
To qualify as a member, he must have been employed at least a "noble family" with irreproachable conduct. On a personal level required of him a great dignity and a cool calm. The election's duty was to maintain the dignity of being loyal to his principal, irrespective of his opinions and behavior.
With the occupation followed a major responsibility. He should have good general knowledge, responsible for the service staff and be familiar with everything that took place in the society.
Jeeves decided to seek employment as a choice of a BELONGING TO THE HIGHER NOBILITY family in one of the great estates.
On the last page of the newspaper he found under the heading "The election Wanted" ad from Lord Worplesdon, Haunted Hall Cambridgeshire.
Purvis Jeeves encouraged to seek immediate service and provided him with the Private Bar
own stationery. They usually choose to read the letters from us first, Purvis said with a twinkle in his eye.


– Mr. Jeeves, how is it that you are looking for a service through our
agency? You have previously been the choice of aristocratic
Principals as Lord Worplesdon, and most recently with Lord Frederick Ranelagh.
You have received the best possible reviews. Would not it have been more natural to find new
commissioned by the Hayes Society?
My goal was earlier trying to become a member of the words party. But now it attracts
the goal myself no longer. I am concerned about my dignity, but do not want to be its prisoner.
– But I thought it was the highlight of his career to become a member of the Hayes Society.
– Not if you, like me, want to be respected for my good taste. Lord Worplesdon left
I because of his sloppy dress and vulgar style.
– But why did you Lord Frederick? He is considered to be extremely well-dressed?
– It owns its accuracy. But his estate is in my opinion too far out of the country. I had
an overly strong desire to return to life in London.
With your help, I hope to find an urban principal without a staff of
servants and who are keen on traveling.
– In fact, we recently received a request for a choice from a Mr. Bertram
Wooster. He has just fired her former husband, Meadowes, who also uses our agency.
It has made it possible for me to interrogate me a little about Mr. Wooster.
I would suggest that you visit him as soon as tomorrow. But not before noon 11th
He is unmarried and lives in an apartment at 18 Berkeley Street.


Bertie Wooster had been awake for a while. He pondered how incredibly close it was to him the night before become engaged. It was Jeeves made him realize all the trouble it would have meant to tie the hymn band with a red-haired young lady.
He sighed relieved and pulled the handle that triggered a ringing in the kitchen. Moments later, Jeeves slid silently into the bedroom. On a tray he carried a moderate heaping cup of tea.
– Jeeves, this morning I feel free and full of espiegleri, if that's the word I'm looking for.
It is quite the right word, sir. The young lady should rather marry a man with completely different properties than yours, sir.
Jeeves, allow me to be open-hearted.
Of course, sir.
You overlook the fact that the young lady actually liked me, especially for my many hidden properties. But she stood completely unreasonable demands. She wanted that I would immediately dismiss you.
Jeeves, I have said it and will say it again, you are indispensable!
All too kindly said, sir. In my opinion, a possible dismissal of me not be carried out as long as my likely help needed to cope with any tricky situations.
Sir, continued Jeeves, I wish to inform you that we are early in the morning received a visit from Mrs. Spenser Gregson. She asked me to show her around the apartment. Although my room, she wanted to see. Mrs. Gregson allowed me then to understand that her son Thos will be our guest on the forthcoming Monday and some months to come. Mrs. Spenser Gregson intends to undertake a long journey to America and suggested that my room was the most appropriate for him to stay in.
– Jeeves, I'm in trouble again. Aunt Agatha threatening to persuade Uncle Willoughby dragging
In my maintenance if not little Thos get to stay here.
She has no hold on him as she prepared to ruthlessly exploit.
What do we do now?
– If you allow me to make a suggestion, sir?
I hit the club quite frequently Spencer, Sir Willoughby's choice. He
has on various occasions overheard his principal in friends' teams express a desire to
come to the roulette tables of Monte Carlo.
– But Jeeves, it surely can not solve our problems with young Thos.
– Sir, there is a Blue Train tomorrow afternoon to Monte Carlo. I am
convinced that Sir Willoughby will be welcome to come along to
spelbordens golden halls for a few weeks.


The highlight of the Drönarklubbens autumn feast was the nomination of "Best choice". Betting amounts as usual, had broken the record this evening.
Electoral Commission chairman thundered silence:
– This year's winner is Bertie Wooster whose choice Reginal Jeeves is indispensable not only for
Bertie, but for all of us here at Drönar Club.
But first, we ask him to tell you how it is that his man endured all these years. Jeeves must have got many attractive deals from much more quick-witted principals than you, Bertie.
Best drone. For once I have you in your choices shown good taste. But you also shows samples of great ignorance. Certainly Jeeves at first sight a smart person, but the question is if I'm smarter.

This was met with derisive laughter from the drones
– I am sure, continued Bertie seemingly unaffected by the laughter, to ensure that Jeeves continuously provided reason to save me from various fixes. Some of these fixes have been added to your willing support. Most of all he likes to take on solutions to problems that lead to the conclusion that we suddenly have to leave the country.
Believe me, Jeeves needs me and my fixes. Nothing cheers up to him more than to free myself from a pair of purple leggings and a little tango discount.

Henrik Dieden