Pages in Swedish

Wodehouse research in Sweden

Here you will find articles, studies, and surveys about P.G Wodehouse. Most are in Swedish and some have previously been published in Jeeves.


Are you looking for what was published in Sweden by PG Wodehouse? You will find most things here.

Both of these pages are created by Wodehouse Society member Tomas Prenkert.

Foreign Society

Wodehouse Society (UK)

The British Wodehouse Society, which among others publishes the magazine Wooster Sauce.

Wodehouse Society (US)

The American Society website, including a solid archive of its journal Plum Lines.

Russian Wodehouse Society (RUS)

The Russian Wodehouse Society's website – mainly in English.

Andra Wodehousesidor

Madame Eulalies Rare Plums

Here you will find, among other things, Neil Midkiff's excellent review of the early short stories, as well as many other useful things about the early Plum.


En Frequently updated blog about everything Wodehousian.


A Norwegian site where enthusiasts among the brothers can enjoy themselves in Plum's works.