About The Society

Wodehouseklubben was formed in 1984 and was transformed later to WodehouseSällskapet.

The society's purpose is to spread the general knowledge of P G Wodehouse and his works.
Furthermore, the society's ambition is to give the members maximum enjoyment from the wide range of P G Wodehouses works.

The society's aim is to stimulate interest in P G Wodehouse through an informative website and the Yearbook Jeeves.
In addition to the annual meeting, usually in late March, we also arrange an autumn dinner with entertainment every two years, and sometimes additional gatherings.

Our collection of Wodehouse books, mainly Swedish translations, but also a lot of original in English, can be found in the Wodehouse-room at the Central Library in Märsta.

Anyone, who share the society's interests and pay the membership fee, can become a member!