newsletter 2019-07-29

Wodehousevänner in our long Sweden!
Our tropical summer begins to approach its end (finally for me at least). Perhaps you have
I picked up some old plumbok and read about, I have! Reassuring to know that
everything is as usual in the resolution. Here are some current news items!

Westminster Abbey 20 sept. 2019
As you may have noticed in the spring, the P G Wodehouse receive the greatest honor an Englishman
can achieve: get a memorial plaque installed in the old coronation Wedding and Funeral
Church in London. It is still "top secret" was, but one thing has been revealed that it will not
to become the "Poet's Corner" as it was rumored, and one wonders if he gets an even finer
place? Impossible to guess.
There is no need for apology and articles on Wodehouse, his greatness and honor has been confirmed several times after World War II, not least when he received the Queen appointment KBE (Knight of
the Brittish Empire) in 1975 shortly before his death. This ärebetygelse in England's main church
accorded a greater value than the KBE as many senior officials can get.

Swedish WodehouseSällskapet received an invitation to send a representative to the ceremony,
and as our chairman. John Pettersson was unable to adopt the invitation went Viesti Me
and I intend to participate. A report will be the latest in our annual Jeeves in the fall.
In a few days erupts in August, and our treasurer Göran Bülow will be very grateful if we
all pay the membership fee 250 SEK now in August. It was pretty hard last year to get
order the member company, and payments throughout the fall and we lost some
members unnecessarily. How easy is it to continue as a member, and inform at the same time
cv. changes of address, e-mail and telephone.

In vårvintras we tried to try to revive the meetings in the WS in the old style of the experiment
with "Wodehouse Friends in Mälardalen," which had a first meeting in February. It is our 35-
anniversary year and we will try to plan a major hit in the fall in the fair
travel distances for members of "the Mälardalen region." It is unfortunately impossible to organize meetings
that everyone in Sweden can participate in, and we in the new Board tries to give all members a
kind of service, web site or a News Letter. Thereby attached interesting news
that when alla.
This should be enough this time. Please contact us with tips, questions or news that we may
Started operations that everyone can take part in more continuously. And please sign new members
who like to read books by PG Wodehouse. They can apply via our website as well.
With eye on Wodehouse Memorial September 20th!
Bengt Malmberg, secretary